When something happens to you, are your loved ones prepared?

Usually our documents are unorganized, hard to access, or just don't exist.

And when something does happen to us, our loved ones are left to search and gather your vital documents and information.

A Secured Life with Everboxx

The Everboxx helps you gather and create the documents you need, provides you with a secure place to organize and store them, and best of all, give access to those your trust.
And don't know what documents you ever need? We will tell which most important ones and help you create them.

Stop Worrying About What You Need

Because you have enough worries already
It is always hard to know what documents you need and how to store them in case of emergency. You might use Dropbox for storage, but it unorganized and not secure. Or you use 1Password or LastPass, but they don't help you know what to gather and organize around your needs.
This is where Everboxx comes to the rescue. We make it simple to find the gather what you need, organize, and securely store. And best of all, give access to loved ones (or your lawyer).
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A Simple Solution.
A Secure Approach.

Security is all important when it comes to your documents. We use bank-level encryption (our team use to work at major banks), firewalls, and security monitoring. Major corporations even use the Everboxx for their employees.
And we are also users and store our personal documents in Everboxx.

Your Personalized Experience

A Step-By-Step Guide to Solve Your Needs
We help you find or create what you need, store and organize the information, and share with a loved or trusted person.
Either select from our dozens of categories or create your own.


Identification cards, employer contact, or birth records.


Accounts, bills, debt, or advisors.


Doctor contact, pets, medical records, or long-term care.


Online accounts, attorney, wills & trusts, or insurance.


Obituary, charities, or arrangements.

Create Your Own

Create your own groupings and categories.

And our process is a easy as 1-2-3.

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